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Why work with Kaliba?

Knowledge:  We know our customers and their competitive landscapes, we've taken the time to understand their culture, plans, previous success and direction

Network: we work with the hottest clients in the marketplace, IT Start-Ups, Global VC Backed Vendors, Gartner Recognized organizations, Global & Local Systems Integrators and End User Clients. These firms are our client base We are a responsive, honest and reliable recruitment partner; we are going to let you know where things are at; good or bad news, we don't put our head in the sand.

  • All Consultants are experts in their relevant fields, therefore they have expert knowledge to guide and direct you

  • We don't build transactional relationships, we're here to stay

  • We won’t work with every candidate; we're selective so our focus is better for you

  • We will set you up for success, you won't be better briefed, more informed and ready for the interview process; it will be in your hands to secure your dream job

  • We keep in touch even when you're not looking, we're happy to bring opportunities to your attention - we let you make the call because at the end of the day we are in this together

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