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Why partnering a niche recruitment agency will be your competitive advantage

| By: Greg Brown
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Let’s face it: the job market is an incredibly crowded space at the best of times, let alone during Covid-19.

Between job boards, company pages, social media channels and word-of-mouth networks, it’s difficult to stand out when looking for a job in tech. As an employer hiring tech staff, finding the needle in the haystack, the unicorn, the A-grader, can also be difficult.

Currently, there are approximately 7,500 recruitment agencies in Australia, according to ABS data. Granted, due to the unfortunate events of 2020 we are seeing this number diminish, and as highlighted in an article published earlier this year by recruitment industry expert and commentator, Ross Clennett, “it is inevitable that around 25 percent of recruitment agencies operating in March 2020 will not be in business by March 2021.” 

A sad, yet accurate prediction. 

We’re seeing recruitment agencies disappear already, many Recruiters leaving the industry altogether, and the number of people looking for work in tech increasing exponentially. Recruiters are disappearing left, right and centre, and unfortunately that includes some of the good operators. As good fortune would have it, Kaliba are still standing! 

The job market has become more competitive than ever before for those looking for work in tech and technology sales. But interestingly, just because there are more professionals out of work than ever before, it does not mean employers can simply take their pick from a big pool. 

Why, you might ask? The market has shifted, and what jobseekers are looking for has also shifted. 

More than ever, it’s important for companies looking to hire, and tech professionals seeking employment, to align yourself with niche market recruiters who are proven specialists in your domain. Finding a niche agency to partner offers many benefits. Partnering with a reputable specialist recruitment agency - as a job seeker or as an employer - will help you to gain your competitive edge. 

Here’s why.

As an employer looking to hire your next recruit, partnering a specialist recruitment agency will enable you to:

  • access to the most qualified, experienced and in-depth candidate pool within your industry sector;

  • reach passive, harder to find candidates;

  • tap into relationships with candidates built upon trust; relationships that have been built over years, if not decades;

  • help structure and build high performing teams;

  • market to candidates based upon insights around the competitive landscape, salary and conditions;

  • understand the competitive landscape for candidates, and receive consultancy on candidate motivations;

  • gain speed to hire, inevitably saving you time, and money;

  • form a true partnership, an extension of your business that is invested in your success;

  • support your employer brand, and position your company name out to the top performing candidates within your sector;

  • receive unbiased advice;

  • free up your time, with a seasoned recruiter being highly capable of managing the entire hiring process from start to finish.

On the other hand, as a jobseeker searching for your next job in tech or IT sales, partnering a specialist (and reputable) recruitment agency ensures:

  • no time wasting. A niche recruiter will only ever bring relevant roles to you (if they do this more than once, then you know the agency hasn’t taken the time to get to know you on an individual level and it could be time to move on!);

  • you’ll be notified of the best opportunities within the market - many which aren’t ever advertised as they are placed in the hands of a specialist recruiter, trusted by the employer;

  • you’ll be receiving advice from a true specialist with an Intimate knowledge and market insights within your field;

  • you’ll receive guidance and coaching through the application process. What’s more your recruiter acts as a confidential and trusted sounding board;

  • you’ll have someone highly experienced in negotiating effectively on your behalf, securing you the pay and conditions that you deserve;

  • you’ll be creating a long-term career relationship with someone who will become a sounding board for future career moves, and an advocate on your behalf;

  • Most importantly, you’ll have a dedicated, knowledgeable professional who is invested in you!

Establishing a relationship with a reputable, knowledgeable, respected and highly networked recruitment professional could be your best investment when hiring or looking for work, and is sure to give you a competitive edge in the market. 

If you are looking for a job in tech, or you are looking to recruit in the tech sales space in APAC, including Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong, please reach out to the Kaliba team

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