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Why The Tech & IT Sales Sectors Keep Recruiting During Covid-19

| By: James Kennedy
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What do Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, Twitch, Salesforce, Oracle and Red Hat have in common?

They’re all hiring.

Right now.

During Covid-19.

But exactly how many tech companies are hiring right now?

More than you think, actually!​

15,852 jobs were available in Silicon Valley during March. That was the peak of the Covid-19 shutdown. And right now? 17,998 jobs are going.

Closer to home in Australia, this week Seek reported 6,687 new tech jobs. LinkedIn featured 4,508 tech jobs and 12,573 during April 2020. 

Despite unfavourable employment conditions, Kaliba has also maintained a steady flow of technology vendor and commercial sales jobs across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore and the broader Asia Pacific region.

The whole world has been forced to become even more technology dependent. That means more opportunities for growth in the technology and sales industries.

You know what that means? Increased competition for tech jobs and tech sales jobs.

Get ahead of the game and focus on growth

By now, your team has adjusted to remote working, hand washing is second nature and face masks are the must have accessories. It’s time to start focussing on growth again.

You may have decided, like many other companies, that you were going to freeze recruitment. But it’s not too late to gain an advantage over reactive or panicked tech companies that don’t foresee that now is the best time for tech and sales recruitment.

In fact, this could be the perfect time to start recruiting again. 

With so many of APAC’s best tech professionals now available due to Covid-19-related job  - a far cry from the pre-Covid tech talent shortage - now is the perfect opportunity to secure talent that is otherwise harder to source.

But how can I hire during the Covid-19 crisis?

It’s important to realise that recruitment leads to hiring. Recruitment is not synonymous with hiring. You can recruit and retain. Build up a relationship with your new recruits, think of it as marketing. You’re generating warm leads so that when the time comes, you can capitalise on your relationship to make a sale, or in this case, hire some new tech wizards and sales savants.

The truth is that hiring is a long process anyway. Applications can sometimes be open for 3-4 weeks before the interviewing process starts. The interviewing process can be transferred to video conference platforms so that you can hire, even during Covid-19. Then there’s background checks, negotiations and that’s even before a start date has been agreed upon. Tech recruitment can easily take 10-12 weeks. That’s enough time for Covid-19 gloom to have lifted slightly and the world to be out of lockdown somewhat.

The smartest thing you could do right now is to engage a specialist technology recruitment agency like Kaliba to source IT and enterprise tech sales talent for your business, so that when the time is right and you are ready to hire, you are ahead of the pack.

The bottom line

When it comes to technology businesses, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore have seen off the worst of the virus already. They’re on track to join the exclusive club of countries that are reopening for business. Start recruiting your tech talent today and be poised to 'surf the wave' of industry expansion that will soon sweep the tech sector.


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