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Get a new job now! Here are the 5 Signs

| By: Greg Brown

There are several different reasons why it can be a good idea to change jobs.  Knowing when it is time for you to change jobs is a very important life skill.  Keep reading to learn when it may be time.


If you are feeling stressed out on the job on a continual basis, are being mistreated, or are uninspired, or various other reasons, it might be time for you to move on to your next opportunity in life.


The following are five signs that it may be the right time for you to get a new job.


1. You are very stressed out.


Most jobs involve stress.  However, being stressed out all of the time is a bad sign.  Stress needs to be balanced out with moments of satisfaction and passion at work.  Otherwise there really is no point in any of it. If you find that you are so stressed out that you are unable to relax even after you have left work, it might be time to start looking for a new job.   


2. You are mistreated at work


No one should have to put up with being treated poorly at work.  If you have an abusive boss, or you are bullied by your co-workers, then the pay check you earn just isn't worth it.  We all spend large amounts of our time at work, so that the people you are surrounded by during this time can really make a huge difference in how you experience work.  Finding a new job and working with people you like can really improve your life. 


3. You are lacking in passion


When you wake up you should feel excited to get to work.  Of course, when your alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m., you might not exactly feel excited.  However, you still should be happy to do your work on a daily basis.  If you aren't doing something you really love, then you won't ever be happy with your life or be able to tap into what your true potential is.  It isn't ever too late to change jobs or careers and do what you really love to do.  


4. There isn't any room for growth


If you are feeling as if you have climbed about as high as you are able to with your current company, then it is time for a change.  For any career, professional growth is very important.  If you feel that you have become a large fish within a very small pond, it's time for you to go find an ocean or big lake to swim in!


5. You are underpaid


If your current company is underpaying you, that doesn't necessarily mean that a different company won't pay you more.  If you have been working at your company for one year at least, have requested a raise but been turned down even with a strong performance, then it's time for you to look for a different workplace where your contributions will be valued and that will be willing to fairly compensate you.


Let me know your thoughts, are there any more signs?


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