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7 Bad Habits That Kill And Steal Your Dreams

| By: Greg Brown
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How is it going with your goals and objectives? If you're like most folks, you're probably doing okay on some, whereas others are stuck in a rut or just failing to take off.

Does this sound like you?

If we're going to be authentic and truthful with ourselves, we don't have to think too hard to identify what gets in our way the most. It's us! Let's continue the honest self-assessment for another step. Was last year any different? Was the year before this one any different? What about two years ago?

I have things I love to personally blame. The environment is a favorite. Economic turbulence is an easy one. Sometimes the weather helps me out with procrastination. Often I can subconsciously make myself far too busy to achieve anything. Yet, when the dust settles and I have a moment of no excuses, then I have to face it again: the only thing stopping me is me.

Conquering new challenges and heading for new horizons often involves shedding the old habits and thinking that have been used and even nurtured for a long time, sometimes decades. No one ever plans on nurturing particular chains of thought; they just do it.

Yet, over time they become ingrained pathways in your mind, and also sometimes your heart. They then impact and even determine behavior, so identifying and busting up old habits to make room for new behaviors is a hard undertaking.

One reason old habits are hard to break is because they almost feel like default programming. We've done them so long we don't even remember why we started. You get so used to them that you actually prefer them; they're familiar and comfortable like an old blanket.

Bad habits impact our lives, personally and even professionally, and they are deeply rooted within us. The decision to get rid of them in the first step, but it's never enough. Actually doing it is a marathon of intention, and it takes sweat over time.

It doesn't matter who you are, a parent or a single adult, a business owner or a cashier. Regardless of your status or station in life, your bad habits will keep you stuck where you don't want to be.

The urge to put things off until tomorrow or when 'life is easier' is always going to be the cheerleader in our head that roots us right back into old habits. Ah those comfortable, familiar old habits, where thinking isn't necessary: we just execute our routine behavior.

Procrastination isn't really a cheerleader though is it? It's a thief, snatching our dreams and ambitions right out of our brains. It takes a little bit of effort to make sure it doesn't just snatch your entire possible life from within you.

Everyone usually has a pretty good idea what their own bad habits are, but there are some that seem to strike a chord with more people than not, so let's take a look at seven particular ones that you need to get rid of. Of course you likely have many, many more, but just for now, let's indulge ridding ourselves of these alone.

1) Coming up with excuses:

The answer here is just quitting with the excuses. As Nike loves to say, just do it!

2) Juggling more than one thing at once, or multitasking:

Some people love championing this, and many businesses expect it of employees. However, you really need to avoid this like the plague. It creates distractions and actually hurts productivity.

3) A dirty desk:

If your work space or desk is a mess, it's a sign that you are far from efficient. Stop yourself the next time you want to proclaim how you know where everything is. You only have one thing there: a mess.

4) Not working out:

When life or your schedule gets busy, exercise is often the first victim, but it's really just number one on this list in another form: excuses, excuses, excuses. If you exercise well, you get more things accomplished, not fewer.

5) Constantly checking your email:

One of the biggest time killers ever invented. Mark two different times per day to check email, and don't do it any more than that. Doing anything differently puts your schedule and time at everyone else's mercy.

6) Smartphone addiction:

Smartphones are tools that are supposed to make you more efficient with your time, not eat it up. Don't be one of Pavlov's dogs each time it makes a noise, vibration, or flashing light.

7) Quit complaining:

If a situation makes you displeased, figure out what you can do about it. Complaining just makes you look weak and powerless.

What are your seven worst habits? Tell us, and maybe we can all help each other out.

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