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The Advantages of Working With A Recruitment Agency

| By: James Kennedy
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Numerous business leaders think that a good recruitment process can result in having a productive and strong team of employees.  A quality HR team always needs to consider competitor activity, pay scales, shifting trends and market intelligence.

Business leaders always have the option to make use of a recruitment agency or in-house recruiters.  However, a majority of businesses these days don't have as much trust in recruitment firms when it comes to filling their employment vacancies.  What many of them are not aware of is that numerous companies that work with recruiters tend to post strong business results because the recruiters are their business advisers who always stay focused on the marketplace and attract high quality candidates for them. 

According to some industry experts, over the past few years there has been a reduction in recruitment. Some over being eaten alive and overwhelmed by fierce competition from social networking, internal recruitment teams and job boards.  That is where recruitment agencies that act in the capacity of genuine business advisers, by actively headhunting for the finest talent and providing market intelligence, come into play.

The following are 6 major benefits of working with a recruitment agency.  

You will gain a good understanding of the way the market works.

The best recruiters have detailed knowledge about the way the market works.  Even before anything occurs, they have their eyes already on specialist markets.  They can provide an overview to the hiring team of what is taking place and what will probably happen in the future. 

Recruitment agencies have better opportunities of knowing who the available candidates are as well as how to access useful information that relates to their expertise and work.  Recruiters now how to contact them and know what current hiring complexities, available skill sets, career expectations and salary rates to expect from one another.  Anytime your business is struggle to locate top talent, there will always be alternative solutions available.

Your recruitment agency and business will act as collaborators and partners, with the agency being your ears and eyes within the marketplace.  Internal departments don't have access to the same market intelligence that recruitment agencies do.

You can expand your reach.

It can be difficult to find some candidates.  However recruitment agencies are able to deliver them to your doorstep right away.  They might be selective or unresponsive.  If you aren't getting any responses from your job ads, then there is a very good chance their loyalty lies with trusted specialty recruiters within your sector.

Even when candidates are not within your pool, there is a good chance that a good recruitment agency will know who these people are and how they can be reached.  Agencies have numerous networks and connections that you might not have.  All agency collaborators and consultants can potentially activate their networks in order to get you connected with individuals with a broad range of specializations, experience and skills. 

Instead of choosing among applicants, you will be choosing candidates

There is always a lot of attention focused on attracting applicants, whether these people are visiting your website or responding directly to one of your ads.  If most of them are not going to good matches for your position, then you will be investing a lot of time into filtering, matching and assessing the role with them.  A recruitment agency can help you reach the candidates who are the real job seekers and have already been pre-selected and meet al of your demands and criteria.  You can be confident that the candidates that are presented to you will have extensive experience and be worth interviewing.  Without an agency, your recruitment team might be unable to conduct a thorough matching process.

You will be provided with support for your corporate brand promotions  

Big companies have the necessary resources for developing and marketing their corporate brands.  On the other hand, many small businesses don't all have access to these same resources.  However, with an agency to help you, they will be able to provide prospective candidates with insights into your company and business - what it is like to work for you, career openings that are available, benefits and the overall environment that they will meet.

If you can form a strong bond with your recruit agency, they will spend the necessary time becoming familiar with and presenting you as a top employer.  If a candidate does a search of your business through a website, searching previous employees or on social media, then a recruit agency that is fully informed can help to clarify any questions or confusions that might come up.

You will quickly obtain access to critical strategic skills.

Your key to quickly obtaining access to important and relevant strategic sills will come from recruitment agencies whenever you have high demand or some of your current staff leaves.  When it comes to inefficient employees or talent shortages, there is a threat looming that the growth of your company might begin to recede if you are unable to bring is somebody on short notice that has the proper skills.  Recruiters will frequently offer flexible solutions which are critical for long term project in addition to being able to supply you with experienced and qualified candidates on short notice.

Whenever you time is limited, you can set up a budget.

A recent survey of in-house recruiters shows that some companies have been experiencing tight time constraints and budgets already.  This problem is one reason why they should get connected with a recruitment agency.  A company's in house recruiters can set up a budget that includes agency fees.  That way you will know that paying an expert recruitment team to work for you, will result in your small budget being spent wisely.  It can help to bring better individuals in quickly.  In house recruiters focus on recruitment efforts for various roles, so if there is an urgent need, it is better from there to utilize their resources in meeting with candidates that an agency has already screened ahead of time.

Whether you are searching for a solution to your long term needs or temporary staffing, don't miss out on having access to top talent that a recruit agency can provide you with.

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